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We offer you the highest quality cleaning service at whatever level you decide you need. We can not promise you the lowest price (who can without compromising quality?) but we do promise you superior value: for the money, you won’t experience better results than you get with ShamrockClean.



To provide that much appreciated value, ShamrockClean must understand exactly what you need. So, we analyze your facility from top to bottom – down to very the last square foot. We study your facility and your usage patterns. We identify hidden costs and waste. And then we take into account your budget. Because every facility is unique and has its own unique cleaning requirements, we work hard to determine how to deliver the best result for the buck. Unlike many other companies that sell a “one size fits all” solution, we don’t leave things to guesswork.

Our Workload Analysis shows, in great detail, what kinds of tasks are needed for each area of your facility, how frequently each of those tasks will be  performed and what the cost of these services will be for you (and for us). We show you every step in the process, from engineering the facility to determining our staff workload to establishing the price. We believe it is our job to help you understand the program we develop. We believe that when you understand the program, you will know what to expect and will appreciate our proposal for keeping your facility clean.


The important thing to remember about this process is that whatever the level of service you choose, the quality of that service will be the best available. This means you will be using the most cost-efficient cleaning program your money can buy. But ShamrockClean value goes beyond cost efficiency. The core value of ShamrockClean services is in the care we lavish on your facility, your furniture, your equipment, your security and above all, on the safety and well-being of your people.


Why Choose Us

  • Quality

    We love what we do, and it shows. Each of our over 800 employees have been specially trained, not just in the job they do, but how to treat customers. The result is a quality experience for you, start to finish.
  • Honesty

    Lots of cleaning companies out there say they'll do one thing or the other and give you a flat rate, and you find out the hard way that that isn't good business in our industry. We take time to understand your needs and tell you exactly what you need to achieve your desired results.
  • Transparency

    We don't hide our costs or pad them in fees that pop up last minute, or that are suddenly showing up as "extras". We are transparent on our pricing and our process so you know exactly what you are getting.
  • Customer Service

    No relationship with a client is complete without excellent customer service. We could be the best cleaning company in the world but if we don't make you feel like your the best client in the world, you won't be satisfied. We strive to make every client feel like the only one we have.